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Why China?


Understand the Chinese online landscape!

If you consider the Chinese consumer a potential customer and want to enter the Chinese market, the first thing you need to do is understand how different the Chinese online world is. You will find few familiar platforms in social media and e-commerce. And the domestic platforms have little in common with their western equivalents.

Learn from new business models and get inspired!

Even if you don't want to sell products in China, it pays to learn about the country. China is several years ahead of us in digital innovations like omnichannel retail, mobile payment, live commerce, social commerce, new retail, etc. Take advantage of their experiences and learnings.
China is trying out new business models at breakneck speed. Learn from what has already succeeded or failed in China. China's experiences, learnings and new business models will inspire you to think outside the box and apply new ideas to your own business.

Gain competitive knowledge!

China's internal internet markets are reaching saturation and more Chinese companies are entering the global market, partially driven by government policies. China's current digital tech companies will be tomorrow's competitors. And tomorrow is closer than you think. Learn about them and be prepared!

About Ed Sander & keynotes

  • Why will a Chinese app be your next e-commerce channel?
  • How does Chinese internet censorship work?
  • Do Chinese citizens get a score in the social credit system?
  • Why is China’s internet like a parallel universe?
  • Does China have digital innovation or is everything copied from the west?
  • Can we learn from Chinese business models of new retail & grocery delivery?
  • Can Chinese concepts for live commerce be as successful for us?
  • Why is the Chinese government cracking down on tech companies?
  • Is China ahead of the US in artificial intelligence?
  • What Chinese internet companies will be our new competitors?
  • What is China’s ‘moral crisis’?
  • What can we learn from and about Chinese culture?
  • And much more …

Ed Sander is seen as a true analyst of China digital tech.

As an independent writer, study tour leader and public speaker, Ed Sander comments on developments in China in his publications and various media.

Ed is known as an experienced and pragmatic presenter. He enjoys a good and sincere discussion. He points out the latest digital and innovative developments in China on the basis of facts and is happy to discuss them with his audience. In doing so, he not only paints an intriguing picture of trends in China, but also of our changing times.

Ed readily shares his personal experiences with China. He lived in the country for several years, worked as a marketing consultant in Chinese NGOs in the central city of Xi’an and is married to a Chinese. He still spends several months per year in China.

Ed has published over 250 articles about digital technology, but also about cultural differences between the west and China. He developed a series of highly acclaimed study and inspiration tours for ChinaTalk, an organisation focusing on sharing nuanced knowledge about China that he runs with his wife.

Before focussing on China, Ed worked in database and online marketing for more than 20 years in many multinational companies in various sectors. This knowledge, combined with his know-how about China helps him translate Chinese developments to western markets.

One of Ed’s hobbies is cooking authentic Chinese food. He has prepared more than 1.000 different Chinese dishes.

For more information, please visit Ed Sander’s LinkedIn profile or Profile page on ChinaTalk.

For details on these presentations, please visit ChinaTalk.nl.

Knowledgeable & Entertaining


Ed has more than 10 years of experience in trend watching China tech, lived in China several years and has an objective opinion on the sector.


An energetic presenter with a passion for his expertise, Ed aims to deliver the right message in the best form for each audience.


Each keynote comes with supporting data and a treasure trove of real-life examples.


Professional and understandable multimedia slides for extra impact. Ed uses unique pictures, video and audio to drive each story home.

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What customers are saying

Jack NeeleManaging Director at Robeco

Ed has the gift of explaining fairly difficult business models in a simple manner by means of examples, pictures, videos, etc. In addition, he is a pleasant speaker to listen to. Also the level was perfect, not too basic, but well explained how the different models work.

Jim KoopManager International Operations, World Horti Center

We invited Ed Sander as a speaker for our 'Digital Marketing in China' event. It turned out to be a very successful event and Ed was very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I learned a lot from him!

Liza NorazCountry Manager, Decathlon

It was a pleasure to have you with us yesterday and your sharing already sparked a few ideas in the team.

Marc Tomassene-Commerce Business Managers Platform

It was a great event. It's great to gain an insight into the development and current state of affairs of Chinese eBusiness in 1.5 hours that we are not (yet) familiar with here.

Thierry TartarinSaxion University of Applied Sciences

Working with Ed has been much inspiring for us in the team. As a China specialist Ed is always up to date with the latest developments and offers very different perspectives on the topics at hand. His lectures are interesting and engage students to participate in interactive discussions. He is a true professional with a genuine commitment to educational goals. We look forward to a continued collaboration.

Lobke ElbersChairman of Vakantiebeurs Vakdagen

Enthusiastic reactions from the audience, excellent format and again an interesting story with new things for me! Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm on stage.

Carolien JansProject Manager, Chamber of Commerce Kempen

Ed gave a lecture on our ‘China for SMEs’ course for business leaders and export managers. Ed gave a very clear explanation about the fascinating Chinese online world, so that the participants were not only were able to further refine their theoretical knowledge, but also go home very satisfied with a number of practical tips & tricks.

(Dutch) Media

Ed Sander has written over 250 articles about digital innovation, technology, but also about cultural differences between the west and China. These articles have been published in various media such as CustomerTalk.nl, China2025.nl, China Nu Magazine, CRTV and Twinkle Magazine. Most articles have also been published in the China Talk 1 to 6 bundles. For more information, please visit the ChinaTalk website.

Inquire about working with Ed

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    In what languages can Ed present?

    Ed Sander’s mother tongue is Dutch but he also speaks fluent English. The slides he uses are mostly in English.

    Ed speaks, reads and writes basic Mandarin (HSK3, B1 level); enough to get around in daily life but not yet sufficient to present his keynotes in Chinese.

    What is the price of a keynote?

    The price of a keynote depends on many factors, including length, audience size, type of event, location, desired tailoring for specific clients, sector (some sectors like educational institutions receive discounted prices) and more. Hence it’s difficult to quote a specific price here. Please contact The Next Speaker to discuss pricing.

    Does Ed provide free-of-charge lectures for schools and NGOs?

    Considering the time spent on studying China and creating keynotes and lectures, Ed cannot offer lectures free-of-charge. However, under certain circumstances he can offer special reduced rates for educational insitutions. Please contact him for information.

    Can Ed be hired as a chairman of the day, trainer or lecturer?

    Keynote presentations are Ed’s primary focus. He can however also offer these as more interactive lectures for students and workshops for professionals. Ed can also be hired for panel discussions but does not offer services as a chairman of the day.

    For other questions (not related to bookings):

    Phone: +31 (0)6 51 214 206

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